You Make Our Work Possible

The Rhode Island Free Clinic is possible because of you. We depend on the generosity of our donors to support the mission by funding medical supplies and equipment that guarantee quality health care for all who walk through our doors. Our annual operating budget of $1.5 million depends entirely upon the donations of individuals, corporations, foundations and grants. When Rhode Islanders care, it shows: your gift replenishes critical diabetic supplies and medications. It ensures vital screenings that prevent cancer, and allows adults in need to put food on their table for their children rather than sink deeper into debt. Your gift to RIFC is a lifeline.

Give Local and See Results

When you give locally, you can see the results. Approximately 45,000 low income adults in Rhode Island cannot afford health care. Your tax-deductible donation is the link between an adult without access to medical treatment and comprehensive care in our clinic, including diagnostic services, medications and critical follow-up visits. As COVID-19 highlighted, we are only as healthy as the most vulnerable in our community. Your investment in our Clinic makes more than just a personal impact – it makes a community impact and a better place to live, saving millions in unpaid ER visits, decreases unpaid sick days for low income workers, and helps keep families healthy.

Our Donors

Give Today

There are many ways to give; become a volunteer, share our mission on social media, or donate to support the Rhode Island Free Clinic today. We are in awe of the community support that sustains us, and endlessly grateful for our donors who help us to serve thousands of Rhode Islanders who cannot afford health insurance each year.

Please, Rhode Island’s uninsured need YOU.

There are currently over 45,000 Rhode Islanders without health insurance. Your donation will help provide our most disadvantaged neighbors with access to the healthcare they need.

Free COVID-19 vaccines available.

2023 Rhode Island Free Clinic’s Year in Review