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Mission //


Founded in 1999, the Rhode Island Free Clinic’s mission is to provide free, comprehensive medical care and preventive health services to adults who have no health insurance and cannot afford those services; and to serve as an educational training site for aspiring health care professionals.

The Clinic mobilizes vital health resources for Rhode Island’s uninsured, working poor and low-income adults. The Clinic also provides the most efficient and cost effective alternative to emergency rooms for uninsured residents seeking comprehensive health care.


COVID-19 and Its Impact on The Rhode Island Free Clinic


We have been providing health care to uninsured adults for over 20 years and our operations have never been disrupted as much as they are right now.  

The care of 2,600 adults is at risk along with the care of their families and everyone’s ability to access medical care. Your support is needed now more than ever.


With the COVID-19 pandemic there is an increase in calls to the Clinic, at the same time that our volunteer pool of providers and students has dramatically decreased. We have suspended non-essential services to focus on the urgent needs of our patients. It is important that our Clinic continue to care for our patients during this crisis. As we continue to operate and care for our patients, we are faced with challenges at a time that is vital to our operational budget – we know we will need additional resources to maintain care for thousands of uninsured adults. Many have chronic conditions and without the Clinic, our uninsured would resort to emergency rooms or not get any care at all.


If you and your family are able to make a gift to our emergency fund at this time, the extra support will make such an important difference at this critical time.

Our dedicated staff, volunteers and Board are committed to our patients. In an emergency like this, we remain focused on our mission to provide free health care to uninsured adults who desperately need our services.


Whether a one-time gift  or a monthly donation, the Rhode Island Free Clinic needs you now. It will keep our clinic operating, front line staff employed, and will make sure the Clinic will be ready to continue to see new patients in the future.

If you're able, please help. A gift of any size will make a difference.

Thank you for your continued commitment to helping others get the health care they deserve.




Marie Ghazal

Chief Executive Officer

Dereck Johns

Director of Donor Relations

News //
Clinic Changes Board Leadership; Adds Two Board Members

January 2020 - The Rhode Island Free Clinic is enacting changes to its Board of Directors.  Board President Mark Gim is stepping down from his position to take a President Emeritus position, to be succeeded by William Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald had previously served the Clinic as the Board Treasurer, and he will be succeeded as Treasurer by Domenic Delmonico.

In addition, the Rhode Island Free Clinic is thrilled to announce an expansion of its Board of Directors as Loree Dubois and Joe Perroni come aboard.

We are grateful to all members of the Board for their service and support!

To Our Patients, Volunteers, and the entire Free Clinic community: 


The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and affecting all health care in the USA. The Rhode Island Free Clinic Board and staff are monitoring the latest facts. Based on these, the Clinic has implemented the following:

  • Clinic Patients will be called, and scheduled for essential medical services only.  

  • Non-urgent appointments will be rescheduled. 

  • Dental services are suspended.   

  • NOT accepting new patients.

  • COVID-19 Screening Protocol for Patients, Staff & Volunteers is in place, reviewed daily.

  • Hours of Operation are reduced.


Please call 274-6347 if you have questions.

If you are a patient and need to refill your medications, please call your pharmacy directly.


La situación con el COVID-19 está cambiando rápidamente y afectando todos los servicios de salud en los Estados Unidos. La Junta de la Clínica Gratis de Rhode Island y el personal están monitoreando los hechos más recientes. Basados en esto, la Clínica ha implementado lo siguiente:

  • Los pacientes de la Clínica serán llamados y citados para servicios médicos esenciales solamente.

  • Citas no urgentes serán reprogramadas.

  • Servicios dentales están suspendidos.

  • No se aceptan nuevos pacientes.

  • El protocolo de evaluación del COVID-19 para pacientes, personal y voluntarios está en efecto y revisado a diario.

  • Horario de Operaciones se ha reducido.


Por favor llame al 274-6347 si tiene preguntas.

Si Ud es un paciente de la Clínica y necesita rellenar sus medicamentos, llame a su farmacia directamente.

Get Involved with the Free Clinic

Dedicated volunteers and donors who understand how vital the mission of Rhode Island Free Clinic is to our community are the reason we can keep our doors open.  We are always looking for volunteer medical professionals, Spanish translators, and anyone willing to join us in providing care to those in need.

Videos //

RI Free Clinic Founders' Event 2018

2018 Founders' Event Video.


In October 2018, we honored Coastal Medical with our Founders' Award and Dr. Charles "Bud" Kahn with the Dr. Stephen Brin Physician of the Year Award.

Learn more about the Clinic at our YouTube Channel!

- Dental Provider Volunteers

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​​- Volunteer Spanish Interpreters

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily not accepting new volunteers but we'll welcome new volunteers in the future. For More Information Click HERE.

We are proud to partner with over one hundred businesses and organizations in our community.

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