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Workforce Development at the Free Clinic


The second part of the Clinic's mission is centered around training future healthcare workers for the challenges of their chosen field. We commit in our mission to "serve as an educational training site for aspiring health care professionals" and fulfill that mission in a variety of forms.  


Students come to the Clinic from universities, colleges, and training programs from across the state in order to learn. The Clinic hosts medical students from the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, physical therapy students from New England Institute of Technology, students studying for their Master's Degree of Social Work from  Rhode Island College, and dental hygienist students from the Community College of Rhode Island, among many others.  The Clinic also welcomes students as interns in all fields looking to complete coursework or major projects in healthcare administration, donor relations and development, or grant writing.

In 2016, the Clinic was selected to serve as the Northern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center (AHEC) at our facility in Providence. The Clinic now works with the Rhode Island AHEC State Program Office and the Southern Rhode Island AHEC to advance health workforce training across the state. Through AHEC funding and organization, the Clinic has been able to develop and coordinate its student training/ workforce development efforts.  

Establishing the Northern RI AHEC at RI Free Clinic allows the Clinic to further strengthen our already strong academic partnerships and place more students at the Clinic for training, leading to a more diverse, culturally-competent, and prepared healthcare workforce in Rhode Island.

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