Medical Services //

Our professional team of board-certified physicians, nurses, health professionals, and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of medical conditions and diseases, routine illnesses, and general medical services. All without a bill.

We are committed to ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care – thanks to the excellence of our volunteers and community partners. 

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Podiatry //

Podiatry is the treatment of issues regarding feet, ankles, and related structures of the lower leg.  This service at the Clinic is prioritized due to the number of Clinic patients that come in with foot or ankle related issues.  

Many of our patients work jobs that require them to be on their feet throughout their workday.  These jobs tend to lead to chronic foot or ankle injuries that, if left untreated, hinder their worker's ability to earn a paycheck.

In addition, a consultation with a podiatrist is essential for our diabetic patients, as diabetes affects patients' feet in significant ways.

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