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1) What is the Clinic's COVID-19 Response?

The Clinic will be offering restricted services during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Information on the Clinic's COVID-19 response is located on the website HERE.  For up-to-date information, please call (401) 274-6347.

2) Does the Clinic accept any health insurance, public or private?

Generally, the Clinic does not accept insurance, but some exceptions may apply. Please call us at (401) 274-6347 ext. 314 to learn more. 

3) How do I become a patient at the Free Clinic?

In order to become a patient, you need to call (401) 274-6347 ext. 314 to set up an eligibility screening. The screening appointment will determine if you qualify for our free services and will schedule your first doctor's appointment. More information on our requirements and the documents you will need to qualify can be found here.

4) What about my children – can the Clinic also provide care to them?

No, the Clinic only provides services to adults 18 and older who meet our eligibility guidelines. For a child’s health care needs, the Clinic can refer you to appropriate places for possible free or sliding scale pediatric care.

5) What happens if I have to be admitted to the hospital?

If you need immediate care for a serious condition such as being short of breath, a car accident, uncontrolled bleeding, terrible pain, dizziness, or have a broken bone, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

The Clinic provides primary care and follow-up visits, but is not equipped for emergencies and does not pay for surgery, hospital stays and other diagnostic procedures. 

6) Do I have any rights or responsibilities?

You certainly do! As a patient at the Clinic, we value your rights and we do everything possible to serve you in every way possible and to meet our obligations to you as your "medical home". As a patient at the Clinic, you also have some responsibilities. Click here to see those rights and responsibilities.

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