Ways to Give to the Free Clinic //

Did you know that even with the Affordable Care Act and Rhode Island’s health benefits exchange, approximately 50,000 low income adults in Rhode Island still cannot afford health care? We need your help right here in Rhode Island to give health care to eligible adults who need it.


With your tax-deductible donations, Clinic patients can receive the comprehensive care, diagnostic services, medications and follow-up visits they need to get and stay well. Your investment in the Clinic also saves millions of dollars by keeping thousands of uninsured, low-income men and women healthy and out of emergency rooms.


Every year our entire operating budget of $1.2 million depends entirely upon the donations of individuals, foundations, and corporations. 

But giving back to your community is not restricted simply to monetary donations.  There are myriad ways to contribute to the success of the Clinic.  

Our volunteer corps illustrates this fact clearly, as medical providers come together with Spanish translators and medical scribes from the community to treat our patients.  Volunteer administrators aid patients in checking in and out of the clinic and as advocates in guaranteeing that our patients receive the medications that they need.  

We are endlessly grateful for our volunteers and donors because through them, we are able to serve thousands of vulnerable Rhode Islanders

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In-Kind Donations